Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 13-Dear Sue,

Day 13-A letter to someone who has influenced you recently

Dear Sue,

Thank you for being such a beautiful, happy, loving, and strong person. I could never have asked for a better mother-in-law. I am thankful every day that you have come into my life and that you raised such an amazing son to be my husband.

As long as I have known you, I have been lifted up by your glowing positive attitude. Your optimism is contagious!  You always bring sunshine with you wherever you go. Our boys love you so much and they get so excited to go see "Grandma Sue", especially when we get to visit you in the mountains.

Thank you for instilling good morals and values into your son. He has been such a great husband and I see a lot of your good traits in him.

Thank you for your patience. You have been so patient with us, your family, and the sweet boys that live with you.  You have made a huge difference in all of our lives and we will be forever grateful.

This simple thank you can never stretch as far as my feelings of respect for you.

Thank you for influencing our lives for the better!


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