Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing with photography- April 2012

While I was going through the zillion photos I have waiting to be posted on my blog I found these. Photography is just a hobby I have that I am still learning and I realize I have LOTS to learn but I really enjoy seeing what can be done with just a camera and a little Photo Shop!

These pics I did while Simon was still in Kindergarten. They are the most updated pictures of my boys which means we are overdue for a photo shoot! (woo hoo!) I wanted them to be whimsical and fun because that’s how I see my boys and our lives!

april 2012 057 copyapril 2012 108 copyapril 2012 116 copyapril 2012 137 copy

These are the sweetest little boys and they are growing up so fast.


The next photo shoot was senior pictures with my cousin Jessica Udall. I was thrilled that she asked me to do her pictures but I was scared that they wouldn’t turn out! I’m not a professional photographer and this was my very first time doing senior pictures. I normally and snapping shots of little kids and this was so much different;so much easier!

Jessica Udall 2012 036 copy edited

The shadows were pretty strong because we went out before the sun started going down but for my first session I think I got a few keeper shots. What more could I ask for?

Jessica Udall 2012 062 copy edited

I love a good sun flare.

Jessica Udall 2012 082 copy edited copy

Isn’t she so pretty!?

Jessica Udall 2012 089 copy editedJessica Udall 2012 092 copy editedJessica Udall 2012 095 copy edited copyJessica Udall 2012 138 copy edited copyJessica Udall 2012 174 copy edited copyJessica Udall 2012 160 copy edited copy

Si and Ry

Si and Ry