Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yalky Palky (Popsicle Sticks and Christmas Trees)

Being this close to Christmas, I wanted to share a thank you to the people who are most imortant in my life: my family.
I don't want to be to mushy or cheesy so I'll make this quick *sniff, sniff*

Thank you to my wonderful parents who raised me to always choose the right and to be honest with everyone I come into contact with. Thanks to my dad for teaching me that life is about being my own person and not believe everything I read, even out of a history book; There are 2 sides to every story. Thanks to my mother for teaching me patience (which I use every bit of with my 2 boys,) and for teaching me humility, not to mention teaching me how to make yummy pizza!
As for my siblings:
Melesa: Thanks for being the best long-distance friend I could ever ask for. Hopefully soon I'll be able to cut out "long-distance" from that sentance ;o). Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on and for sharing my quirks, the good ones and even some not so good ones. It is such a comfort to know that there is someone out there that is a lot like me.
Aimee: Thank you for always making me feel needed. I know I sometimes act like a "big sister" but I learn so much from you all the time. You always have a smile on your face and that means a lot when I get stressed out. ;o)
Marie: Thanks for always being there to help me out with anything that I need. You always brighten my day! We have been through so much together and I hope we can always stay this close. When I'm having a bad day you are the first person I call.
Jesse: You have shown me that no matter what anyone else does you can always keep your values high. Thank you for being a prime example of a hard worker. I have always been impressed by you and I tend to brag about you all the time (don't get all big-headed on my now.)
Heidi: My baby sister. You are beautiful inside and out. I still can't believe you are old enough to drive, much less going to college! Thanks for being a great friend. I love when you come to visit (hint hint). I have always been proud of you and your individuality. It's not easy being the youngest of 5 sisters.
Jason: As the baby of the family you get the difficult responsibility of looking after our parents ;o). Thanks for being so great with my kids. Simon just loves you! I always wonder where your future will take you. I can imagine you being a helicopter mechanic or something really cool like that. Keep up your grades and you will have a great future ahead of you.

Lastly I want to Thank my adorable hubby Jeremiah for putting up with my stubbornness (which happens to run on BOTH sides of the family). I couldn't have chosen anyone else who would be a better compliment to me. Also, we have the cutest kids in the whole world. And, I think you are kinda cute *blush* P.S. (I cried when I wrote this)

I love you all more than these darn keys will let me type. (I know, this did get a little mushy. *sniff, sniff* , I apoligize *sob*.)

Merry Christmas to everyone who has impacted my life! I love you all!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Filled Randomness

I never realize how much has happened in my life until I run out of room on my camera! I finally downloaded all the pics that have been clogging up valuable camera space and I found some cute ones to share. These are all from the past few weeks.

About once a week, the boys and I go to the library. Simon LOVES books. If he had the choice we would spend our days reading story after story. I love our library! The best part is that it is right next to the Riparian Water Reserve. Simon always begs to go see the ducks and the turtles. They also have a really cool water feature in front of the library. This is where Simon learned about throwing in pennies to make wishes. Only he didn't have any pennies, so he borrowed a couple that were thrown in a little to close to the edge. ;o)

Here is Simon looking over the boardwalk at the ducks in the pond.

This is the water feature in front of the Library. . .

and his wishing fountian.

For FHE a few nights ago, we went to the Temple lights. Simon had a great time and we even ran into some people we know. Jeremiah's cousin and 2 of my friends from EAC.

This is our first family photo since Ryan was born!

I love Ryan's little Russian Hat.

Ryan's eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. They get lighter every day.

Simon's favorite thing to do, play trians!

I had to add this one in. Ryan looks so cute in a hat! He looks like a mini Jeremiah.

Autie Marie loves to come visit and read Simon stories.

My little helper. We were picking up rocks so we can mow the lawn. Simon wanted to wear my cleaning gloves.

Yep, they are fighting already. Simon didn't want Ryan to have the blankie all to himself.

I love these fun random times. They make my life unpredictable and tons of fun. I love all my boys!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bringing down the moon

Our little Simon is finally getting over a horrible bout of Croup. I took him to the doctor on Thursday becuase he was having a hard time breathing. The doctor said he had "Stridor" which means he wheezes when he breathes in. They almost admitted him to the hospital to monitor him. Instead they gave him a steroid shot and a breathing treatment. He hated the breathing treatment! He screamed for the enitire 15 minute treatment. I had the job of holding his arms down so he wouldn't pull the mask off of his face. I have to honestly say that this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. He cried and cried and every breath sounded like he was breathing through a straw. On top of that, none of us have gotten any sleep. I would wake up every couple hours and check in on him to make sure he was still breathing. We took him to Urgent Care on Saturday becuase he still sounded really bad, even after the treatments he had gotten two days before. The doctor there basically said, "You are just going to have to wait it out." All I can say is: I am so new at this whole "mom" thing. If I freak out this much over Croup I am going to be one very stressed out mother. I am so grateful that my in-laws were here this weekend to help watch Ryan while we watched after Simon.

Here is a good story:
Friday night, Simon and I sat in the hammock swing in our backyard in the cool night air. I had him outside to calm down his tight breathing. We were talking about the world. How Jesus made everything, even our trees and the stars and the moon. "Where is moon?" he asked me. I pointed up above us through the slats of the porch roof. "It's right there, do you see it?" Then he reached is hand up as high as he could and looked at me. "Mommy, get moon and bring it down!" he told me. I laughed and told him the only way to get to the moon is in a rocket. He replied "Get rocket car, get moon?" I told him that if we ever got a rocket car we would take it to the moon. I told him that the moon is up really really high. Then he replied "Daddy climb up ladder, get moon and bring it down!"

This reminds me of a song by John Michael Montgomery : "She thinks I could rope the moon."

In our children's eyes we can do anything, even bring down the moon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey, Christmas Trees, and Wishing Wells

Oh what fun.

I got to be the hostess for Thanksgiving this year! It was so much fun. I believe that the holidays are all about good company. I love being around my family and Jeremiah's family. I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with a little of both. We had 3 of Jeremiah's sisters and 2 of mine (plus a friend of Marie's). We had sooooo much food. I volunteered to cook the turkey. I am a turkey fanatic! I start craving Thanksgiving turkey as soon as Halloween is over. I bought 2 this year so we can eat one later. mmm. Jeremiah and I also made some other yummy Thanksgiving staples like mashed potatoes and squash pie (even better than pumpkin pie) and rolls. We all ate until we couldn't move and then we had dessert. By the time we were done we had to roll our guests out the door.

The only downside to our festivities was that little Simon caught the stomach flu. blech! We almost had to cancel for fear that Keaton might catch the bug. Simon was sick for about 4 days. He spent lots of time laying around, watching movies. He couldn't even eat with us on Thanksgiving. I was so grateful that Veronica and her 2 boys came. Simon's eyes lit up with a sparkle I hadn't seen for a few days as soon as Keaton and Everett walked in the door. He really looks up to his cousins.

Then. . .

Saturday we got to decorate! Between taking care of a 3 month old and a sick 2 year old, and cleaning up after our Thanksgiving hurricane, I wasn't really looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree just yet. But, now that the decorating is almost done, our home feels a little warmer and cheerier.

Simon had a great time helping us hang the ornaments on the tree. And not one of our glass ornaments ended up broken! He absolutely loved the tree lights. He even climbed under the tree when we were done and said, "Mom, I see lights down here!" We almost had to drag him out from under the tree. He loved looking up through the branches at the colorful lights.

Here is Zeus, helping out too.

So much happens everyday, from week to week our lives change so much.

2 days ago, Ryan laughed for the first time! It made my heart melt. I had forgotton how sweet these little milestones are. He is such a sweetheart!

Simon learned about wishing wells today. We went to the library and as we were leaving we stopped by the fountain out front. Before I could stop him, he reached his hand in and pulled out a penny. I told him that the penny was for someone's wish. Then I told him to make a wish and throw it in. He said "I wish. . . candy!" and threw it in. Then he grabbed another and I made a wish for him. We wished for a happy Christmas. Then he grabbed another and I asked him to make another wish. "I wish. . . more candy!" he said excitedly.

I guess we will see if his wish comes true.

The little things in life are always the sweetest.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry