Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey, Christmas Trees, and Wishing Wells

Oh what fun.

I got to be the hostess for Thanksgiving this year! It was so much fun. I believe that the holidays are all about good company. I love being around my family and Jeremiah's family. I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with a little of both. We had 3 of Jeremiah's sisters and 2 of mine (plus a friend of Marie's). We had sooooo much food. I volunteered to cook the turkey. I am a turkey fanatic! I start craving Thanksgiving turkey as soon as Halloween is over. I bought 2 this year so we can eat one later. mmm. Jeremiah and I also made some other yummy Thanksgiving staples like mashed potatoes and squash pie (even better than pumpkin pie) and rolls. We all ate until we couldn't move and then we had dessert. By the time we were done we had to roll our guests out the door.

The only downside to our festivities was that little Simon caught the stomach flu. blech! We almost had to cancel for fear that Keaton might catch the bug. Simon was sick for about 4 days. He spent lots of time laying around, watching movies. He couldn't even eat with us on Thanksgiving. I was so grateful that Veronica and her 2 boys came. Simon's eyes lit up with a sparkle I hadn't seen for a few days as soon as Keaton and Everett walked in the door. He really looks up to his cousins.

Then. . .

Saturday we got to decorate! Between taking care of a 3 month old and a sick 2 year old, and cleaning up after our Thanksgiving hurricane, I wasn't really looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree just yet. But, now that the decorating is almost done, our home feels a little warmer and cheerier.

Simon had a great time helping us hang the ornaments on the tree. And not one of our glass ornaments ended up broken! He absolutely loved the tree lights. He even climbed under the tree when we were done and said, "Mom, I see lights down here!" We almost had to drag him out from under the tree. He loved looking up through the branches at the colorful lights.

Here is Zeus, helping out too.

So much happens everyday, from week to week our lives change so much.

2 days ago, Ryan laughed for the first time! It made my heart melt. I had forgotton how sweet these little milestones are. He is such a sweetheart!

Simon learned about wishing wells today. We went to the library and as we were leaving we stopped by the fountain out front. Before I could stop him, he reached his hand in and pulled out a penny. I told him that the penny was for someone's wish. Then I told him to make a wish and throw it in. He said "I wish. . . candy!" and threw it in. Then he grabbed another and I made a wish for him. We wished for a happy Christmas. Then he grabbed another and I asked him to make another wish. "I wish. . . more candy!" he said excitedly.

I guess we will see if his wish comes true.

The little things in life are always the sweetest.

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meleandmakani said...

Oh Jeni, I LOVE the picture of the boys. It is SO cute! I need an updated picture of your family :)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry