Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's almost Turkey Day already?!?

This year has gone by so fast I can't even remember the last few months. I guess that comes with having a new baby. Little Ryan is now 2 1/2 months old and he is so sweet and fun! I am so glad I keep this blog becuase I can't even remember October happening. Now it is almost Thanksgiving. What has happened so far this month?

#1: I took on the challenge of . . . coupons! It sounds scary but I finally did it! I went to fry's and got $174 of groceries (and diapers) for an amazing $72! That is over $100 saved! Not bad for a first timer, eh? There is a great website for a lady in Prescott that sets up a list of the good sales every week (in Arizona). It used to be free but, like all things, it didn't last. They do have a 2 week free trial if anyone wants to check it out.

#2. I have started my Christmas shopping. It is so much less stressful when you do it early. Though I am still looking forward to Black Friday deals. I also spent a while wrapping presents yesterday and I decided I am a horrible present wrapper! Maybe I will leave the rest to my perfectionist husband. His turn out so pretty.

#3. Crafts. This seems to sneak into my schedule every month. It is my release. This month has been dedicated to making Ryan's cloth diapers. I have only 2 done but I am planning on making about 10 more (somewhere in between making Christmas presents). I have my work cut out for me, but these days if it saves us money it's worth every second.

#4. Ebay. I have been selling my dad's belt buckles online. I've sold 2 so far! We also went crazy yesterday and put a whole bunch of other valuable stuff online that we don't need anymore. Sadly, we are selling our beloved XBox 360 and all the xtras to go with it. We don't every play it anymore, not even Guitar Hero! Jeremiah and I always talked about how we don't want our kids to be video game couch potatoes, so we are getting rid of the video games.

*If any of you are looking for an Xbox for Christmas I can send you the link.

#5. Potty Training. Simon is doing GREAT! As long as we are at home he rarely ever has an accident. I have even been taking him out to the store and the park in his undies! Hooray for my big boy! I did learn a lesson though. Don't take too long at the grocery store! On the before mentioned coupon shopping trip to Fry's, Simon told me he needed to go. I asked him if he wanted to use the potty at the store or at home. Of coarse he said "at home". Well, I took a few minutes too long shopping for sales and once we got through the checkout, paid and ready to run for the door, I heard a little "Uh-Oh". I turned around and Simon had pee gushing out the bottom of his pants! Suprisingly, I didn't panic. I laughed and turned to the bagger boy and asked him for some paper towels. I cleaned up the floor and stuffed a whole bunch of towels into the basket seat, put Simon in and headed for the car. Once I got him cleaned up and buckled in I started laughing. Simon was such a trooper. He held it as long as he possible could. Next time I'll know that when he says "I gotta go" it is time to run to the bathroom ASAP.

#6. Mini-Vacation. We spent last weekend in Round Valley visiting our parents. It was a spontaneous trip. Friday morning we got a wild hair, I spent the day getting our laundry, church assignments, and packing done and we left that night at about 7. On our way down, right outside of Showlow, we almost hit 2 Bull Elk and a huge black bear. We missed the Elk by only a few feet! Once we got to RV we spent our weekend hanging out with family. Simon had the time of his life playing with Everett and Keaton and their huge collection of Thomas trains. The weather actually felt like fall. It was beautiful! I also brought back a BIG pressure canner so I can start working on my food storage. I can't wait until the turkey prices drop so I can test out my canner!

#7. (the best one of all) Being a Mom. This is where the majority of my time goes, as any of you moms know. I get to tickle tummies, wash dirty faces, find lost choo-choo trians, built train tracks, make bubble baths, dress and undress, rock and bounce, change diapers, pick up hot wheels, change diapers, sing the ABC song over and over, kiss owies, pick up more hot wheels, change more diapers. . . and I LOVE IT! I am thankful that my Heavenly Father gave me these sweet boys!


meleandmakani said...

I'm so jealous that you are going to can turkey! I'm going to try canning butter and milk after the holidays. Should be an adventure!

Amy said...

All in just one month??? I've got serious issues because I don't think I could keep up with you. You're a really fun mom. Congrats on potty training. I hated doing it with Em, but she finally got it. Our issue now is her fear of "noisy pottys" (ie. public restrooms), which she refuses to use. That makes for interesting outtings.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry