Monday, August 19, 2013

Our new baby GIRL!

It’s been over a year since my last update on this blog so I’m not going to playing catch up but I wanted to include some pictures of our newest addition to our happy family:

Charlotte Jane Hall

She was born July 2nd at 8:07pm, weighing in at 7lbs 8oz, and 20.5 inches long.

Charlotte 1 day old

We sent our boys up to RV for the 4th of July and Jeremiah and I got a few days to spend together before Charlotte’s arrival. I called Jeremiah home from work at about 2:30ish on July 2nd because my contractions were getting strong. We had a false alarm a few nights before so I was in no hurry to rush off to the hospital. We headed to the hospital at about 4:00 and I was dilated to about 5cm. Charlotte arrived just 4 hours later. Dr. Huff was on his way back from India so we had the on-call doctor deliver her. (I can’t remember his name right now.) Me and baby Charlie stayed in the hospital until July 4th. We left early that morning to head home and enjoy a quiet holiday with just the 3 of us. Jeremiah bought us some steaks and corn and I grilled us up a wonderful little 4th of July celebration dinner.


IMG_1383 IMG_1386 IMG_1389 IMG_1393

The boys came back that weekend and got to meet baby sister for the first time. Ryan and Mason took the approach of “If I just ignore her, maybe she will go away and mommy can spend more time with us.” Mason came back with a case of “Terrible Twos” and he has had a hard time adjusting to the new change but after almost 7 weeks now he is getting used to the new routine and he is loving his baby sister. He calls her “sisser” and he loves to rub her soft little head. He also LOVES her car seat, bouncer, and her baby doll. :)

Charlotte 4Charlotte 2  Charlotte 5 Charlottle 8

Like I said, it has been 7 weeks since we had our darling little baby girl arrived and things are starting to get into a routine with Simon starting 2 grade 3 weeks ago and Ryan starting preschool again in September. We spend our days at home cleaning up messes, making more messes, and sharing experiences. Our boys are getting some good house cleaning experience as they are learning to do chores to earn time playing games. I am learning so much from them every day and I am amazed at what they are capable of! I am hoping to get my life back into a healthy routine too now that I can start exercising again.

Life with 4 kids has been wild and at times almost more than I can handle but it makes me appreciate them all the more. I love each one of our amazing kids and their uniqueness. Each one is so different from the other but we all fit together so well. 

Charlotte 1  Charlotte 4 Charlotte 5 Charlotte 6 Charlotte 8 B&W Charlotte 11 Charlotte 12 B&W Charlotte 14 Charlotte 15

Si and Ry

Si and Ry