Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boy: n., A noise with dirt on it

I don't know why I try to keep them clean. Our boys are such. . . BOYS!
I gave in one day to Simon's request to make a "river" in our sandbox. I didn't realize he would build the Mississippi!

My one request was to not get "too"wet. In a 3 year old's mind there is no shuch thing as too wet.
The boys had a blast making their lake, aka "river" and splashing each other until they were completely soaked.
I think it's time to get out the wading pool and sprinkler.

I really love these boys. I know I'm their mother and I'm supposed to love them, but really I do!
Simon is smart as a whip. He surprises me a lot lately by reading words off of signs while we are driving down the road. He also has the most amazing memory. He tells me stories from a year ago or longer that even I had forgotten. And he always starts out his stories something like this. "Mom, four years ago. . ."
Sorry kiddo, you weren't alive 4 years ago. ha ha.
Si has also started using the computer. We bought him a kindergarten workbook that came with a game CD-ROM. It's really old school games but he LOVES it! It has a program like paint where he can draw and paint his own pictures. And he loves the dot-do-dot game. I'm so impressed with how quickly he picks up the games! Also, he helps me tell stories at bed time. What an imagination the kid has! Usually the story involves trains somehow but sometimes he surprises me with a story about a snail or a silly monster. Love it!  

Ryan has become a fun loving and adventurous little toddler. He never sits still and is always looking for new things to do (and new ways to bug his brother). He has become a little parrot, repeating the words that we say. My favorite words he says right now: spoon, bye daddy, movie, hee-haw (donkey sound), pizza, nana (banana).
He still is very attached to his family and has had a really hard time going to nursery on Sundays. When we walk by the nursery room he cries like I just pinched him. Last week Simon got to give the scripture in Primary so I had to leave Ryan in nursery, crying or not.
Simon did so well on his scripture, he even had it memorized and he got to show off to his aunts and grandpa later that day.

Ryan also loves to play at the park. I just have to keep and extra close eye on him because his curiosity tends to lead him straight to the road. (eek!) He also just learned how to go down the slide by himself on his tummy or sitting up. He used to go down head first! This boy has no fear! His other favorite thing to do is read. Any time, anywhere. His favorite books are about animals and big trucks. He especially likes fire engines.

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing my two boys growing up together and becoming friends. They fight all the time, but that is just part of being brothers. I can't imagine my life without my two little sweethearts. I live for the innocent sparkle in their eyes and messy chocolate ice cream smiles, the hand-prints on the glass door and hot wheels in my bed, expensive shampoo bubble bath, and water on the kitchen floor because they were helping with the dishes.

God sends us these children so we can learn what real unconditional love is.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Independent

Some of my motherly worries have been put at ease. I now know that if Ryan is left alone he will still be able to feed himself.
He has become a pro at finding treats and getting them down all by himself, even if I think I put them out of his reach.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry