Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pumpkin Guts!

It's been a week since Halloween already and I'm finally getting around to posting my Halloween pics. I had some cute pics that I couldn't resist showing off. We had a great Halloween! I took my boys to the Library's Halloween party where Simon did some crafts and we got to show off in the costume parade. They offered Simon some candy after leaving but instead of picking a Tootsie Roll he chose a pencil. Yep, weird.

Simon couldn't decide what he wanted to be, a lion or Thomas the train. Halloween morning we dressed him as a lion and that night he opted for the Thomas costume. I was so glad because Thomas is a million times easier to put on and take off. In this picture he was really mad at his Auntie Marie for wanting to take a picture with him. I don't think he knew who she was ;o) He thought she was a strange fairy lady. Ryan didn't mind though.

For Halloween night, we went to a trunk-or-treat with Jeremiah's sister Karissa. Simon loved it because he got to play with his favorite cousins, Everett and Keaton. I loved Keaton's costume. He was a soldier. He didn't want to wear his helmet so you could see his bandage on his head from his recent surgery. He looked like a wounded soldier, so Karissa made him his own purple heart badge! I also have to give props to Veronica's costume. It was truly last-minute. Who would have though that socks and a headband would make such good dog ears?

Growing up in small town, AZ my dad and our family had HUGE pumpkin gardens. I remember filling up the back of my dad's pickup to the brim with pumpkins and taking them to a building downtown to sell them. There must have been hundreds of pumpkins! After all the pumpkin experience I had, I am a terrible pumpkin carver. To be honest I rarely carved pumpkins at home. We always painted them instead. Well, in the true spirit of Halloween, Simon and I carved a pumpkin together this year. I cut off the top and let Simon see the "pumpkin guts" inside. I reached my hand in and started to pull out the seeds and invited him to help (thinking that he would love to get his hands dirty). He was really afraid of it! I tried to help him out but when I touched him with my slimy, pumpkin covered hands he had a melt-down. He just said "Mom, wash hands!", "Don't wike pumpkin guts!" So I washed him off and got him a big spoon to scrape the seeds out with.

Here are the finished creations! Mine is the dog and Jeremiah did the silly face. He was pretty excited to carve his pumpkin. He even got out the dremel to carve the mouth. I wish we had pics of them lit up. The smile looked really awesome!
Can't wait 'till next year. I have to out-do Jeremiah's pumpkin!

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meleandmakani said...

I love Simon's face when he has pumpkin guts on his hand! ha ha. Ryan looks so cute.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry