Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Filled Randomness

I never realize how much has happened in my life until I run out of room on my camera! I finally downloaded all the pics that have been clogging up valuable camera space and I found some cute ones to share. These are all from the past few weeks.

About once a week, the boys and I go to the library. Simon LOVES books. If he had the choice we would spend our days reading story after story. I love our library! The best part is that it is right next to the Riparian Water Reserve. Simon always begs to go see the ducks and the turtles. They also have a really cool water feature in front of the library. This is where Simon learned about throwing in pennies to make wishes. Only he didn't have any pennies, so he borrowed a couple that were thrown in a little to close to the edge. ;o)

Here is Simon looking over the boardwalk at the ducks in the pond.

This is the water feature in front of the Library. . .

and his wishing fountian.

For FHE a few nights ago, we went to the Temple lights. Simon had a great time and we even ran into some people we know. Jeremiah's cousin and 2 of my friends from EAC.

This is our first family photo since Ryan was born!

I love Ryan's little Russian Hat.

Ryan's eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. They get lighter every day.

Simon's favorite thing to do, play trians!

I had to add this one in. Ryan looks so cute in a hat! He looks like a mini Jeremiah.

Autie Marie loves to come visit and read Simon stories.

My little helper. We were picking up rocks so we can mow the lawn. Simon wanted to wear my cleaning gloves.

Yep, they are fighting already. Simon didn't want Ryan to have the blankie all to himself.

I love these fun random times. They make my life unpredictable and tons of fun. I love all my boys!


meleandmakani said...

Jeni, Ryan looks JUST like you in the picture of him in the Russian hat and Jeremiah holding him! That is crazy how much he looks like you!!

Bjarnson Family said...

If you need more family pictures my brother and I would love to do them. We can do it in studio or outside.

Amy said...

Very fun! We used to go to that library too. It was fun to run into you last week. I can't believe how big Simon is.

Brittney Smith said...

What a cute household of boys. I love your wedding picture. YOu look beautiful. Croup is scary!! Denim had it for the last three weeks, and is barely getting over it. Yes, no sleep accompanies croup.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry