Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 28 - Then and Now

Day 28-A picture of you from last year and now.  How have you changed?

Last year (May 2010)
Taken at the AZ Rattler's game at US Airways Stadium.

Now (March 2011)
in our Backyard.

Some changes are blatently obvious.
I cut my hair.

oh, and I'm pregnant with our 3rd little boy.

So much has changed between then and now. I am still running my own business but I have learned so much more about who I am as a mom, wife, crafter, business owner, etc.
I sent Simon off to preschool for the first time and it was hard not to get teary eyed as I drove away. He's growing up too fast.

Ryan has grown from being a toddler to a little boy. *sigh*

I have grown too, more than just my expanding waistline. I feel like a better mom, a more confident woman, and I feel like everyday I am slowly becoming the person I really want to be.

We still live in the same house. Our days are pretty much the same as they were a year ago but I believe that with every year we learn a little more about ourselves; our talents, our weaknesses and strengths, our good and bad habits.

I have also learned that I am a lot like my mom, and even more like my dad.  :)

That's a lot to take in in just one year.
I hope this next year is just as fantastic!

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mele and makani said... are so cute Jeni! I wish I could see that cute tummy in person.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry