Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I learned in January:

1. My kitchen counters really do exist. (Had not seen them since Ryan was born)
2. Kids can survive off of Goldfish crackers.
3. Macaroni and Cheese does expire. (yuck!)
4. Never go to Ikea with 4 boys unless you all got a good nights sleep.
5. I really really love brownies. (And now I have a new recipe for Zucchini Brownies from Melesa. All the chocolate without all the guilt! *drool*)
6. I am a horrible coupon shopper. (but willing to improve)
7. Jackson's name really isn't Jackson, it is. . . Batman!
8. I have a new favorite kid's book, "The Adventures of Bathman" (We got this one at the library especially for Jackson.) Who knew you could save the day with a rubber stamp of Elvis!
9. I don't need the TV to keep Simon occupied. (At the boys' Doctor visit this month I learned that more TV can lead to more violent and sexual children. SCARY! So, we turned it off. Now, besides and occaisonal Disney or Thomas show, it stays off!)
10. Train tracks make good swords and remote controls. (I love Simon's new found imagination!)
11. I love my dog! He kept the boys occupied for hours! Good boy Zeus!
12. The catch of the day doesn't have to be fish. It can be. . . feathers!
13. Flashlights are great for finding "Bad Guys."
14. I am taking all of this Arizona sunshine for granted. I need to go outside more and recharge my Vitamin D.
15. Hitting a tree with a stick is a real game. "Take that you bad guy!"
16. Always check your camera before trying to take pictures. More than once my batteries were dead or the memory card was full.
17. Native New Yorker has the BEST wings!
18. There is nothing like fresh homemade juice. Yummy and healthy. Carrot juice is the best.
19. Boys will be boys. Need I say more?
20.Talking to Melesa is like talking to myself, without all the strange looks from other people.
I stole this pic from Melesa. This is "The Adventures of Bathman" BTW: cute smile Heidi ;)

I'm sure I could go on and on. January was filled with good times!


meleandmakani said...

I LOVE this list! Sums it up very well.

AMIT said...

List is good.

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