Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Penny Diving

Lucky me! Thanks to some great connections, (Thanks again Karissa!) Melesa got to fly out and spend 3 weeks here in AZ. Two of those weeks were spent here in Mesa with me and my boys! Yay!

Unfortunately, I didn't get as many pics as I wanted. It seemed that everytime we had "Kodak moments" my camera was either dead or the memory card was full. But. . .

I did get handful of priceless memories to share with all of you.

On the even brighter side, Melesa has done an amazing job blogging about her AZ getaway. Here is her blog site:

Our first excursion was to the library and the Riparian Preserve Water Ranch. Simon LOVES this place.

This time he had a buddy to go penny diving with.

Simon and Jackson collected all the pennies their little hands could reach and then threw them back in as wishes of thier own. Jackson was so cute. He would close his eyes really tight, throw in his penny and say "I wish I was Batman!"

A little later the boys moved to the other side of the fountain, away from Melesa and I, and Jackson again closed his eyes tight and threw in his penny saying "I wish I was Batman!" Simon followed along and threw his penny into the fountain and said "I wish . . . choo choo train!" Jackson looked over at Simon and in his most serious 4 year old voice said "No, it's Baaaaatmaaaan!"

(Melesa, I had to tell this story too. It was just tooo cute!)

Right next to the library is the Water Ranch.

The boys loved the water but they loved the ducks even more!
A Duck!

Look, another duck!

Here is Melesa doing what she does so well, taking pictures!

These two boys were inseperable. They climbed all over this wall. I must say that I am surprised that we didn't lose a boy or two in the lake.

At the end of our afternoon all the boys were hungry and tired and all of our goldfish crackers were gone. That is one thing I learned while Melesa was here:

Kids can live off of goldfish crackers and water.

"More fishy crackers mom."


meleandmakani said...

You got some great pictures! I laughed out loud about the goldfish and water! They are a lifesaver when you're out and about with little ones. ha ha

AMIT said...

Great Pictures.

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