Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Buddies and Me

"While we try to teach our children all about life,Our children teach us what life is all about."~Angela Schwindt
Time flies when you are having fun. I hear this a lot and it is so completely 100% true. I got these cute pictures courtesy of Erica Horihan. These are our boys, Simon and Tyler. They are best buddies, born only 2 weeks apart! We always say that they look like brothers. They are the same size and both have bright blonde hair and blue eyes. We met Erica and Tyler over a year ago when they moved into our neighborhood. I had the priviledge of watching Tyler one day a week until I got pregnant again and was too sick to watch him anymore. It is amazing how much one year can change a little person! These pictures were taken in September last year and October this year. Look at the difference! The sweet little girl in the pictures is Cameryn Long. She is like the Third Musketeer in this toddler clan. She is a couple months older than the boys. We love when little Cameryn and her mom Danielle come to play.

I learn so much from my amazing little boy. He teaches me patience (as anyone with a 2 year old knows), and he teaches me to enjoy the little things in life. I love to see how much excitement he can find in the sound of an airplane, putting a puzzle together, tummy tickles, and driving his choo-choo trains on a new adventure! (Today it was "over the big, big bridge"). I look around my caotic, cluttered house and can't help but think of this quote: "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." ~Phyllis Diller

I'm starting to get the big picture. Enjoy the days when the floor is covered in Hot Wheels and you can't see through glass door becuase of sticky handprints. Learn to love the obstacle course of trucks and trains and balls. Someday I'll look back and shed a tear or two because I miss all of this. Time is only a blink of an eye. Treasure the sweet innocence of youth!


Erica said...

I love this post Jenifer! So true! I can't believe how fast Tyler has grown, and soon enough they won't want us to come to the park with them anymore! Can you imagine just sending them out by themselves?! Hopefully we have many more fun times together! Happy Halloween!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you found us and posted a comment!!! I love comments, but even better is that I have your blog that I can see too!! Simon looks sooo big I can hardly believe it. And your new little Ryan is a cutie! So fun with your two boys. I'm jealous of the old neighborhood and the park, etc. We really miss the ward, etc. still. Can't wait to keep in touch this way!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry