Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In our own backyard

I've been feeling a little cabin fever lately with a new baby and all. I am wishing we had means to go on Vacation far away from the heat and predictability of life in Mesa, Arizona. Our only outings lately are grocery shopping and an occasional trip to the library or the mall. Now that our Arizona weather is finally feeling a little bit like fall, meaning below 110 degrees, I decided to take the boys somewhere new today. This picture is Freestone Park. It is only a few miles away from our house and everyone I know has been there before. I finally got brave enough to take my boys there today instead of going on our usual library run. It was beautiful! There are lakes with ducks and huge fields of green grass. Simon took his tricycle and I put the baby in his sling. We all enjoyed being outside. As I walked along the bridge and past the waterfalls I thought to myself, "This has been in my backyard this whole time!" My new goal for this next year is to find out what amazing and exciting things are around us here in Arizona. No vacation fund needed. I think next week we will try the children's museum. . . maybe.


Erica said...

I'm glad you found Freestone! My mother-in-law's backyard opens up to that great park. Tyler gets to go quite often with Grandma and his cousins. It's a neat place! Did you see the little amusement park? They have a cool train that runs around the whole park. I bet Simon would love it! Maybe we can go together sometime....

meleandmakani said...

Very good idea! I need to be more like that here, especially since we'll probably only live here for another two years. So little time in the grand scheme of things. ;)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry