Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wallow Fire - day 9

I hate reporting bad news on my blog. I would much rather fill it with happy smiling pictures of my family and friends.

The Wallow Fire is uncontrollably burning up the White Mountains. As of this morning the estimated damage is over 300,000 acres and growing rapidly due to dry, windy conditions. 

Details: (updated on 6/7/11)
Date Started: 5/29/2011
Location: south and west of Alpine, Arizona
Number of Personnel: Approximately 2,515 personnel, Including 31 hotshot crews and 25 handcrews
Cause: Human - under investigation
Equipment: 12 dozers, 138 engines, 31 watertenders
Aircraft: 22 helicopters
Percent Contained: 0%
Injuries to Date: none

 Website for new information: http://www.wesmcb.com/

Here is a map from this morning to show the extent of the damage. 

The fire is currently about 5 miles from Eagar and 3 miles from Greer.

Greer was evacuated yesterday and Springerville and Eagar are on pre-evacuation notice. Evacuations for RV are likely expected within the next day or two.

Here are some pictures my dad took in the last couple days of the heavy smoke plaguing RV.

We are all praying for rain, as well as the safety of the fire fighters, evacuees, and area residents. This fire is in God's hands right now. I pray he will spare our small town home.

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