Monday, June 6, 2011

10 days old

I'm a lucky girl. I have some very talented friends, including a few good photographers. My friend Erica Horihan is just getting her photography business started and she offered to come take some newborn pictures of Mason. She came over on Saturday when Mason was only 10 days old. It was so amazing to watch her work. Everything from props to poses to photo composition was just fascinating to me.

Mason was a little angel for her and slept through pretty much the entire 2 hour photo shoot.

So if you are in need of newborn photography or family photography I highly recommend Erica. She has a good eye for what makes a great picture.
Thank you again Erica. I can't believe how cute these pictures turned out!

This is just a handful of the pictures she sent to me. Now the hard part is going to be choosing which ones to get printed.


One Happy Family said...

beautiful!!! I love that last one, especially.

mele and makani said...

These are so cute too! Now your biggest worry is going to be finding places for all these cute pictures, because you are going to have to print ALL of them out, how could you not?! :) You and Erica both did great work on the pictures.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry