Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 Brothers (and fire update)

It has been a rough week. Mine and Jeremiah's hometowns are being threatened by the second biggest wildfire in Arizona history.  So many memories are tied to those beautiful mountains,
from our first date (Homecoming 2000), to our mini honeymoon in Greer.

 I have spent many many hours this week stalking facebook and glued to the news, waiting for updates on the fire.

Springerville and Eager are evacuated but my dad, Jeremiah's dad, and my Grandparents stayed behind to protect their homes and property from spot fires and looters.
So far everyone is ok, and I just found out that Greer made it out of the fire almost unscathed. They only lost a handful of houses. This is fantastic news because last night we were all convinced that Greer would be a total loss.
Did I mention that Greer is probably my favorite place in the world?

Anyways,  to try and keep my mind off of the fire I got my boys together to get some pictures of all 3 of them. Melesa has been teaching me some photo editing tricks with Photoshop and I have really been enjoying playing around with new pictures.

And I couldn't help but snap some shots of little tiny Mason by himself.

My favorite shot of the day.

 Simon really loves his new brother. He has already started "teaching" him things like how to wave and alphabet sounds. He is such a loving brother. Ryan still can't understand why Mason won"t talk to him or play with him. But I have found him giving Mason kisses and rubbing his soft hair. I think they will be best friends someday.

Someone told me this week that having 3 boys is "nirvana". 
I completely agree.  


mele and makani said...

Cute pictures Jeni! I wonder who Mason is going to look more like? Simon or Ryan?

One Happy Family said...

ADORABLE pictures!!!!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry