Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Real Memorial Day

We have started a new Memorial Day tradition. Starting this year we took a trip to the cemetery where Jeremiah's grandpa Fred Albert Waite was buried. As you can see on his gravestone he was a WWII veteran. He passed away when Jeremiah's mom was about 12 years old.

This was the first time that Jeremiah and his sisters had been to see Grandpa Waite's grave.  It was a very reverencing and sweet experience. There were flags placed on all of the veteran's graves, which made the cemetery a beautiful sight. We are truly grateful for all of our veterans, and especially those we can call our family.

 Simon's favorite part of the day was taking pictures of everything. We lent him our camera to document the trip from his point of view. (I will post some pictures when I get our camera back from Karissa. )

We are indebted to our soldiers for sacrificing everything to preserve our freedom here in America. Grandpa Waite was able to come home from the war but it had an irreversible effect on him, physically and mentally. War is not kind.
Fred Albert Waite died on September 10th, 1967 from complications of lung cancer surgery.

Thank you to Grandpa Waite, Grandpa Leverton (Boone's dad), Grandpa Kelly Hall (Renae's Dad), and every soldier who has fought and is fighting for our liberty!

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