Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Train

I haven't quite figured out how to tell 4 year old Simon about the new baby sibling that is coming. We have asked him a few times if he would like a new baby brother or sister and he always replies enthusiastically "good!!" 
About a week ago he came inside to tell me that I just had to go see his sidewalk pictures he was working on outside.

He loves to draw trains.

 But these trains were extra special.

He drew his family driving the trains. The biggest one is daddy, the next biggest with the coal car is mommy, he is working on the Simon train in the picture above, and on the left side of the picture you can see 2 little trains.

Ryan, and baby.

I guess our little hints have worked. He knows a new sibling will be joining the family. And he or she is already a part of our train lovin' family.


Lauren said...

Congrats girl! So exciting. You look great!

mele and makani said...

That is the cutest thing. I'm glad to see you posting more often :) yay!

Heidi said...

I love everything about that story! Simon is so stinkin' cute! I hope ours is even half as cute as your kids!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry