Thursday, September 3, 2009

What better place to celebrate

Our little Ryan just turned one yesterday! Time flies so fast!

I wanted to do something special for Ryan because this is his very first birthday!
I know, I know, he is too little to remember anything we do. I like to think of it as the first birthday is for mom. It is a celebration that she made it through the first year with her sanity.

So to celebrate this momentus occasion, I took the boys to the Children's Museum in Phoenix. I had heard a lot of good things about this place and it definately lived up to my expectations. Both boys enjoyed themselves thouroughly.

I had to pry Simon away from the race car track with a crowbar. He was determined to live there forever.

Simon and Ryan got to paint a little house, ride tricycles, race cars, meet new friends, ride a pushcar train, sit in a race car, roll balls, build puzzles. . . etc.

I completely wore the boys out. Ryan slept the whole way home and Simon actually cried when we walked out the doors.
Don't worry Simon, we will definately be going back.

Once we were in Phoenix I remembered that my camera's batteries were dead! Grrrr!
Thank goodness for cell phones. I didn't want to go all the way out there to celebrate Ryan's birthday and not have any pictures to show for it. So these are the few pictures I got. Enjoy.

I'll have more on Ryan's birthday up soon.

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The Thompsons said...

Your children are so beautiful (er.. handsome) Jeni!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry