Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday! Cake and Ice Cream!

This has been a busy month. Ryan turned 1 and Jeremiah just celebrated his 28th birthday on 9/11. Yes, 9/11, not the happiest day to have a birthday but I was so excited for Jeremiah's b-day this year that I almost forgot about the tragedy that lies behind that date. I don't want to downplay the 9/11 event. It is still a heart-wrenching, painful subject but I am a believer in living for today and tomorrow and not dwelling on things from yesterday that we cannot change.

Anyways, Jeremiah and I got to go out to a movie to celebrate. We saw "9". It's a Tim Burton film and the only word we could find to describe it was "weird".

After the movie we picked up the boys and and met Karissa at Top Shelf for birthday dinner. Only I was getting over the stomach flu and Jeremiah was catching it. yuck. So, we basically just packed up our dinner and took it home with us to enjoy later. Jeremiah wasn't feeling well and went to bed as soon as we got home (6:30). Poor guy. There not much worse than being sick on your birthday.
Since we didn't get much of a celebration on his birthday we had Karissa and Cabrena over for dinner, cake, ice cream, and games on Sunday night. I love game nights with those two and the boys LOVE thier aunts!

So. . . I want to say. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jabers! I love you more with each year! You are a great person and a wonderful father and husband. I hope this year will be even better than last!

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mele and makani said...

So sad that Jeremiah got sick on his B-day! Hope you get to celebrate on a healthy day too :)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry