Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainy Labor Day

I was thrilled with our plans for this years Labor Day weekend. Jeremiah had labor day off and we were headed to the mountians, our SUV packed to the brim with sleeping bags, a tent, food, flashlights, etc. Yes, we were going camping!
I had checked the weather forecast a couple of days prior to our trip and all of the sources pointed to a rainy weekend. I didn't care. We were still going to camp! I know how fickle the weather in the mountians can be. When I was growing up, the weather guy on the radio was always wrong. When he said it would rain we would usually have clear skies.
I was counting on the forecasts to be wrong.

Unfortunately, it rained.
So we didn't brave taking our little boys camping in the pouring rain and thunderstorms. We stayed at Jeremiah's parent's house in clean, dry, comfortable beds.
We did, however, get to enjoy the scenery. We went on a drive, looking for the perfect picnic spot. Jeremiah saw a road going up the side of a hill/mountain and just couldn't say no. We drove back on a bad dirt road past a beautiful but mosquito infested pond and up to the mountain. Once we reached the road that went up to the top of the hill a big thunderstorm reached us and we decided that the top of the tallest hill with no trees isn't the best place to be when lightening is striking nearby. We turned around and headed back to the main road.

Here's our hill in a downpour just minutes after we left it. Jeremiah has vowed that next time we are in RV he will finally make it to the top! I learned on this trip that I really don't like off-roading. I think too much about "what happens if we get stuck" or "what if we lose a tire" or "we don't have cell phone reception, how will I call for help". I know, it's dumb. I am just a big party pooper. Simon didn't mind the dirt road so much but he got MAD when Jeremiah got his window muddy! :)

We also drove out to Southfork. It was BEAUTIFUL out there! We stopped for our picnic but the rain was still coming down so we headed back to town to picnic at Ramsey Park.
The boys got to play in the wet sand, building sandcastles and having sand fights. It was little boy heaven. Simon even found time to stop and smell the roses.

And, as if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we had a pull-up contest at the park. I won with a grand total of 5 pull-ups. Pretty pathetic but it was fun.
We thoughly enjoyed ourselves over this weekend. Jeremiah even got started in a new business venture (I'll post about that later).
But next time, rain or shine, we are going camping!


mele and makani said...

Good job with the pull ups! I'm sure I couldn't do 5 right now. ha ha Glad you've been able to spend some good time in RV. I'm jealous! Kiss those cute boys for me :)

Amy said...

Wow, you're amazing for wanting to take such little ones camping! I still want to wait a few years, but we do want to go with our kids.

It looks so pretty up there. I love those late afternoon mountain thunderstorms. Nice job on the pull-ups, by the way.

Happy birthday, Ryan too! He looks so cute and big.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry