Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update overload! Hold on to your hats!

Time flies by in the blink of an eye. I have some great pictures I've been meaning to post but somehow time keeps slipping by. I wanted to share all of the ones that I consider "blog worthy".
First up my twenty-somethingth birthday! Ok, I guess I'm not old enough to hide my age yet. I'm 26!

That feels weird to type and even weirder to say. For some reason I still think I'm only 21. Oh well, to think is to create, right?

Jeremiah got me a cute beach cake that ended up all over our faces. mmmm, whipped cream waves.

Here's Simon and his best buddy Tyler. They are two peas in a pod when we get them together.

Simon wanted to eat his breakfast outside so here is his breakfast picnic.

Zeus wasn't invited and quickly got shooed away. Next time we'll have to make doggy pancakes too.

Ryan LOVES his swing! It tickles his tummy and makes him giggle!

We took part of a Saturday and spent some time at the Mesa Temple grounds. Simon loves the fountians. Here we are resting under a big tree, getting out of the heat.

I love this picture. I know it's blurry. That's what makes it fun. Weeee!

For Memorial Day weekend, we took trip to the Mountains to see our families in Springerville/Eagar.

This is Simon's very first EggMcMuffin.
We don't do fast food often so don't think we are crazy for thinking this is worth commemorating.

We HAD to stop at the huge dumptruck in Miami. We've driven past it dozens of times and this time we had to get some pictures of Simon with the dump truck.

The weather was Beautiful in the mountains. It was cloudy and a bit rainy and just perfect! We took a drive one afternoon trying desperately to get Simon to take a nap.
We kept driving. . .
and driving. . .
and ended up at Big Lake!

As you can see, Simon isn't sleeping.

We took the long way around, from Alpine, on dirt roads. The drive was very pretty.
On our was back home we spotted this AMAZING steam engine just sitting on the side of the road in Globe. I can't believe we never saw this thing before. We couldn't pass this up. Simon was one happy camper. He loves trains more than anything.

These pictures were too sweet not to post.
Sadly, this is our swimming pool. It is just big enough for little Ryan and Simon to sit in. Just sit. There's not even enough room to splash.
As long as it gets them wet, they love it.
It reminds me of the Bank commercial: "Someday, a Real Vacation"

And last but not least: falling asleep at the table. Priceless!


meleandmakani said... many fun pictures! We get to see you in person in just a few days though and that's even better ;)

Renae said...

Your family is adorable!!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry