Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mason’s First Birthday! 5/25



Lucky boy got to celebrate his birthday over Memorial Day. We were in Springerville/Eagar and we planned a party at my mom’s house for Mason. I prepped all the food before we left. All I had to do was frost the cake and feed the hungry guests. This is how it all went down, (note, all of the pictures are unedited. This is real life, baby.):





I was hoping to do “smash the cake” pictures with the brightly colored rainbow cake but Mason was so sleepy he was falling asleep with his Aunt Karissa. So we gave him some bites of his cake and called it good.


Mason got to wear his special birthday shirt. My family teases me about owls since they are all over his room but I love them and Mason reminds me a little of an owl with his big eyes.


Ellery, a.k.a. Ellerina Ballerina (that’s my nickname for her, no one can steal it!) She and the balloons became best friends. What a cutie!


As I type this Mason is only days away from being 16 moths old. I thought the first year flew by and the second year is soaring by even faster. I am determined to find a way to slow down the clock so I can enjoy more snuggles with my baby before he grows up. I call him “Pookie” (like Garfield’s teddy bear) because he is so cuddly and warm and soft.

I love you Mason! This past 16 months with you has been the most phenomenal time of my life! You are my ray of sunshine! I am so intensely thankful that God sent you here to me! I needed you as much as you need me.

Happy birthday (and beyond) Pookie!

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Mele said...

Time sure flies! Happy Birthday to the cutest, happiest baby ever! Your rainbow party turned out awesome, even if he didn't want to tear apart his cake! ;)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry