Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easter at the 40

Yes, these pictures are WAAAAAAY old but I need to have these on my blog. This is Easter 2012. We spent our Saturday-before-Easter playing in the dirt and having a blast at the 40 acres outside of St. Johns.

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This kid knows how to eat a cupcake!

April 2012 038

Jeremiah and his “mini-me”.

April 2012 039

Easter Egg Hunt. They could be anywhere!

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I had to sneak a photo of “Papa” Hall. He’s camera shy. (shhhh, don’t tell him this is on here!)

April 2012 056

Showing off the loot! Keaton found the golden egg with a $5 prize inside!

(By far my favorite picture! Everett, Keaton, and Ryan (in yellow) playing in the dirt under the big tree.)


April 2012 067

April 2012 068

Me and Jeremiah hijacked a quad and went searching for fossils. (True story.) There’s a dinosaur dig not far from this place so it doesn’t hurt to look.

April 2012 082

Batter up!

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Mele said...

Yeah for all of the new posts! I love the picture with the big tree! That is a perfect tree!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry