Monday, March 12, 2012

January 2012

Happy Mason 1-10-12 copy

I can’t resist this much chubby cuteness.

Mason 1-10-12 copy

This is Mason at 7 months old. He has two cute teeth and lots of baby fat. Just after I took this picture he spit up carrots all over his green tie and now every time Ryan sees this picture he tells me that Ryan threw up “orange stuff”. haha.

January 2012 164

Mason loves his Jumper and he has learned how to jump super high and even swing himself in this thing. It’s high quality entertainment for the rest of us.

January 2012 173

His favorite toys are: anything that mom doesn’t want him to have, like keys.

January 2012 171

I got a new camera for Christmas with 14x optical zoom so I was testing it out at the park. It’s great to be able to take pictures of the kids on their bikes from all the way across the park. Me + my new camera = love. January 2012 172

January 2012 002

Mason learned how to sit up all by himself. Dad helped him practice.

As you can see he is a drooler. He finally got his top two teeth in February so his clothes aren’t always sopping wet anymore.

January 2012 008

As I mentioned, Simon loves science. This is one of the many experiments we have done. We made cornstarch “oobleck”. There was oobleck on the counters, the floor, his clothes, his hair. It was more fun the you can even imagine. He still asks me at least once a week if we can make oobleck again. It is pretty amazing stuff.

January 2012 010

January 2012 030

And here is our little drummer boy. He sits on the floor and bangs on the bowls while I make dinner every evening. I love this age!

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Mele said...

Your boys are so cute. We miss you guys!

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Si and Ry