Monday, March 12, 2012

Catch up–Christmas 2011


This is going to be the start of mega posting because I am determined to finally catch up on all the things that have happened through December, January, and February.

First up, Christmas.

We put up the tree and got out the boy’s favorite part: the train!

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Our sweet little Mason turned half-a-year on Christmas day.

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We always find time to decorate a few sugar cookies.

We had our first Christmas in Mesa and it was so different than what we were used to. I absolutely loved waking up Christmas morning and seeing our boys faces when they saw their loot from St. Nick. It was quiet, maybe a little too quiet. We missed the snow and the chaos of splitting Christmas between 2 families but we had a blast and I may try to convince Jeremiah to make this a permanent tradition.

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The problem with waiting too long to blog about a big event like Christmas is that I have already forgotten some of the funny little stories that would have made it into this blog post. We did have a great time though.

Ryan got a Lightning McQueen laptop and Simon got a RC Car. They also got a slot car track and Simon got tons of science stuff, including a volcano making kit and Science experiment books! He is a science nerd and we love that about him. He asks a billion questions a day and he wants to know how everything works. Surprisingly he even seems to understand when I give him the complicated scientific version of why things happen.The boys also got hex bug robots and a couple new Thomas trains and track sets and a whole bunch of other great stuff. Ryan’s very favorite thing he got was a stomp rocket! We let them play with it in the living room because we are cool parents.January 2012 147  January 2012 127

I made Mason a crinkle taggie toy that he played with for about 3 seconds. A couple weeks later we lost it at Wal-mart Sad smile. Good thing I didn’t spend too much time putting it together or I would have been broken hearted. For the older boys I made a Lego/Train mat. It’s a big circle with tracks and roads painted on it. It has a drawstring along the outside so the boys can just push their toys into the middle and turn the mat into a bag to put away.

Breakfast was “campfire” eggs and fried ham. A mixture of our family traditions. Choosing our own traditions was so much fun! I can’t wait until we get to go through all this madness again.

That is the cliff notes version of our 2011 Christmas. 

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