Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ryan's Birthday

Choo Choo! Look who's 2!

 Our little guy is growing like a weed. We just celebrated his 2nd birthday! We have had so many happy and adventurous times with this boy throughout the last 2 years. He is so full of life and personality (and attitude!)

I was so happy to FINALLY get to use my best selling "Choo Choo, I'm 2!" tshirt design for one of my own kids. I made his extra special by adding his name on the back and stitching around the sleeves and hem.
 We started out his birthday by opening presents while Jeremiah was home so he could join in on the fun.
 Then we packed a lunch and spent our afternoon at Tempe Beach Park.  The splash park there is huge and it is free! The kids had so much fun I practically had to drag them out of there.
 On the way home we stopped by Neilsen's Custard to get some yummy custard ice cream! Simon accidentally dumped his whole cup of ice cream on the floor but the workers there were nice enough to give us a new one. mmmm!
 The birthday boy decided he didn't just want his ice cream, he wanted mine too. lol.
After a fun day we had Karissa and Cabrena over for cake and ice cream.
 Ryan got to pick out his cake flavor and we made him a chocolate car cake decorated with neon green frosting and melted chocolate details. 

We spent Labor Day in RV with our families. Almost everyone was able to make it up there so we threw Ryan a party at Ramsey Park.
 Among the crowd were some adorable couples: Heidi and Austin. The newly-est newly-weds in the family.
(Aren't they so cute!)
 Jesse and Randi. The oldy newly weds. (They just celebrated their first anniversary! woo hoo!)

And Marie and her fiance Josh, the almost newly weds. We got to meet Josh for the first time and we love him already!

 CUPCAKES!!!!! The trains are made of cream cheese candies. delish!
 Lots of cupcakes = happy kids
 Keaton was trying to run away from the camera so I wouldn't take his picture. ha ha. Gotcha!
 The kids had a BLAST playing on the merry-go-round. I was waiting for Simon to turn green and . . .
 well, he didn't. He must have his dad's iron stomach.
The kids also got to bust open a homemade train pinata and we had a big ol' water balloon fight!
I got completely soaked, guess that's what I get for starting it.
At least I got Jeremiah soaked too. bwa hahahahah (evil laugh)

Look how much our little Ryan has grown!

Ryan = Happy, determined, mischevious, independant, lovable, smart

Happy Birthday Little Prince!

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mele and makani said...

Such a fun post! How nice that so much of the family could be there over Labor Day. Wish we could have been. Can't believe he's already two. Time sure flies. Your train cupcakes turned out so cute and I love the car cake, it's AWESOME with the neon green frosting!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry