Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wedding MADNESS!

I feel like I'm spinning my wheels trying to catch up on this blog. It was such an eventful summer that I can't leave a single post out. I'm just going to have to condense so I can finally get it done!

NEXT UP: Wedding Mania

Aimee and Heidi both got married this summer. . .within 4 days of each other!
It was party central here. Melesa's family came to town, we threw a double bridal shower, and helped with decor and other projects for the weddings.

Melesa was the brains behind the bridal shower. She planned it all down to the last detail. It was fantastic! If she ever needs a job I'm sure she would be a natural party planner. 

Here are the beautiful brides-to-be.
 I had a blast making their sparkling "Bride" tank tops and their headbands.

Here is the yummy food, including a secret recipe artichoke dip. Sooooo good! 
The fabric flower clips and headbands were the party favors.

The decor was my favorite project. We wanted something inexpensive yet dramatic. How about some huge tissue paper fluff balls? We made a truck-load of these babies and hung them everywhere!
 For games, we played a game where you have to draw the bride-to-be's dream house on a paper plate. . . on top of your head.  The brides got to pick a winner. I drew a dog in the yard and it won Heidi's heart over. 
Then Melesa played a game of The Price is Right. From Kool-aid to tissues, to a bag of rice, we battled it out to win the product we were pricing. 
 Here's Randi modeling the product to be priced. (She's so cute I can hardly stand it!)

 Then we showered the girls with their gifts. It's not a real bridal shower without a couple of embarrassing gifts, right?  

And somehow between packing and planning, Melesa found time to make the girls one-of-a-kind aprons. Aren't they to die for?
Melesa = Super mom!

NEXT UP: Aimee and Franc get hitched.

I have to brag on my sister for a minute. She looked like a porcelain doll on her wedding day. My sis-in-law Cabrena did her hair and she looked amazing! I must inherited my Grandma Udall's tear trigger because I cried, and cried, and cried some more. Aimee was a stunning bride and Franc is a great man and we are so happy to welcome him with open arms into our family!

Here's the whole Udall clan sans spouses and kids. (I stole these pics from Aimee, thanks!)

The ceremony went beautifully thanks to all of our helpers.

NEXT: Austin and Heidi

(Austin, don't hate me for posting this picture. I love it! )

The night before Heidi and Austin's wedding they had an open house in Thatcher at a friends house. Besides the angry winds blowing everything over, the weather was perfect and we all enjoyed the fresh air and pleasant company. The kids wore out Uncle Jason with their wrestling, chasing, swinging, twirling, climbing. . .  

(Sorry it's sideways)

And as if the Uncle Jason jungle gym wasn't enough to tire them out, they found other stuff to jump on too! 

Aren't these guys just down-right adorable!?
So. Stinkin. Cute.

Then came the wedding day! They were sealed for time and all eternity in the new Gila Valley Temple.  
 Everything was perfect. . . except. . . 
did I mention it was really really windy? Heidi had to hold on tight to her veil so it wouldn't fly away.

And my hair doesn't do so well in wind. The other bridesmaids looked beautiful! (I stole this pic too. Thanks Jason.)
After all the action we enjoyed lunch with Austin's family in the church next to the temple. The food was fabulous! They even sent us home with leftovers of the scrumptious green chile.  mmmmm.

So, now we have 2 brand spankin' new members of our family. We love them and can't wait to get to know them better. Aimee and Franc are living in Utah and Heidi and Austin live close by in Mesa.

These few days were such a whirlwind, I'm sure there are many important details that I have left out. Stories about fajitas, the ghetto hotel, and driving home from Thatcher in a massive storm. . .

AND I don't know if you have heard the rumor or not but there is yet another Udall wedding coming up before the year is through.  Woo Hoo!


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mele and makani said...

Wedding Madness is a great title for this post! Love the way you described everything. What fun times...except for the fajitas of course.

Si and Ry

Si and Ry