Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treat 09

Trick or Treat! Or should I say "Trunk-or-Treat!"
Our ward Halloween party/Chili cook-off was last night and it was a great party (besides the fact that it was FREEZING!)
I got the boys all decked out in their little pirate costumes that I finally finished. I got my costume finished in the nick of time too. I finally found a feather for my hat the day before the party.

Here are the boys showing off thier costumes.

Doesn't Ryan make the cutest pirate?

Simon sword fighting with dad.This was my favorite part of the costumes. I got to use my new screenprinting skills to add a Jolly Roger to the back of their vests. Pretty spiffy, huh?

Simon made a great pirate! He even had the grumpy pirate demeanor all night. All he wanted was candy. As soon as we sat down to eat he said "Mom, where's my candy!" He was so happy when it was time to trick or treat that he almost ran off and left me behind.

I loved seeing some of my favorite people and their kids all dressed up and having a great time.

Here's our gang of pirates. (Thanks to Erica Hanks for this pic.) I love my new hat! I might have to be a pirate again next year so I can wear it again! The best part about our costumes is that the only things we bought were: fabric for the boy's pants, bandanas, a feather, and trim for the vests. I even made my shirt out of one of Jeremiah's old mission shirts and my vest is made out of fabric from our old kitchen chairs. Jeremiah got home from work late so he missed all the fun :( Hope he can join the fun next year.


Brittney Smith said...

I loved all your costumes! You guys looked great!

mele and makani said...

That's the cutest bunch of pirates I've ever seen! Great job on the costumes and nice touch with the screen printing. Oh, and I want to know what "FREEZING" means...ha ha!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry