Thursday, December 15, 2011

Halloween post (now that it’s almost Christmas)


Once again I am way behind on my posts but what else is new, right?

I just couldn’t resist sharing our fabulous Halloween fun. This is more of a picture montage than a real post.

Sit back and enjoy!

October 2011 003 copyThanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 255

Ryan was bound and determined to be Wall-E. And luckily I had a box in the perfect size just waiting to be turned into a robot costume. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite costume I’ve made yet. I waited until the last minute to make it so he is missing wheels and hands but no big deal, Ryan loved it, and he made the cutest Wall-E ever! Especially when he would get sad or scared and tuck himself into his box, just like the real Wall-E. Did I mention Wall-E is his favorite movie?

October 2011 011 copyOctober 2011 009

Mason was a little owl. I crocheted his hat and sewed “feathers” and wings onto his onesie. I just want to snuggle with that cute little owl. I love this baby sooooo much! He is a little beam of sunshine in our home.

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 256Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 262

Simon was a robot too. Not just any robot. . . the SimonBot 360! I didn’t get pics of his costume until we were in Round Valley at our Halloween Party. He loved his costume too. A little metallic silver spray paint, a couple of boxes and some dixie cups, easy peasy! And he got “voted” the best costume of the night by our friendly neighbors when we went Trick-or-Treating. Ryan, a.k.a. Wall-E went trick or treating with us too but after about 5 houses he was exhausted from wearing his big ol’ box and his Aunt Karissa took he and Mason home to play.


As I mentioned, we spent Saturday and Sunday in Round Valley. We had a fabulous family Halloween party with spooky food and costumes.


Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 264

Here are our boys with their cousins during our costume parade! Simon is disappearing into his costume. Now he just looks like the XBox 360 instead of the SimonBot 360.  haha.

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 270

Being Goofy!  (Keaton, Allyson, Ezra, Everett, Simon, and Ryan)



Are you Hungry!?


Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 240

How about a plate of slimy worms!

This stomach churning dish was our contribution to the party menu. It’s hot dog worms! To make it just just up you hot dog into 6 long pieces and boil until they start to curl a little, then add some BBQ sauce. That’s it!

And what goes better with worms than meat feet?

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 241


Grandma Sue made these frightening meatloaf feet! eewww! (they tasted great!)

Here are some more random pictures of our trip.

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 247

Cabrena being green.

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 249

Pumpkin Rice Crispies!

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 252

The kids were fascinated by the witches brew. Dry ice is amazing!

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 235

On our way to the mountains we found this souped up Camero with black racing stripes. The license plate says GR4NDMA. From now on I will be proud when someone tells me I drive like a grandma.

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 263

Ally loved my butterfly wings and she made a beautiful butterfly!

Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 266

Where did everyone go?


Thanksgiving Carlsbad trip 2011 273

And the final pose!

Good times! I can’t wait until next Halloween!

I have a camera full of pictures from hiking,  Thanksgiving in Carlsbad, and Christmas time. Be prepared for more mega posts in the near future!

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Mele said...

I loved this post! So much fun! Wish we could have spent Halloween with you. Those worms look tasty. he he

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Si and Ry