Sunday, September 25, 2011

More fun at the 40

The day after Ryan’s Birthday we hopped in our car and drove up to RV for Labor Day weekend. I didn’t get many pics from our trip but trust me, we had a great time. We taught the boys how to play the ABC game in the car, and we played some of our other favorites like I Spy (Ryan’s favorite car game).

We had to stop a few times on the way because Ryan has a small bladder. Our normal 3.5 hour drive now takes us no less than 4 hours. And on the way back it was more like 5 hours.

Anyways, we arrived in RV Saturday afternoon and we soaked up the unbelievable weather. We had been dealing with 110+ degree weather for the two weeks that led up to the weekend.  The lovely 75ish degree weather was AMAZING! Then we packed up a picnic and some other supplies and headed out to “The 40”. (40 acres of land outside of Saint Johns.)

The kids found the best place to play: The Dirt!

They dug and dug and dug, and built a dirt slide down the side of a hill for their cars, and for them.

Sept 2011 059.CR2_thumb[1]

They had dirt from the tops of their heads to their toes. And they had the time of their lives.

Sept 2011 055.CR2_thumb[1]

Sept 2011 063.CR2_thumb[2]

The sky was beautiful too.

Sept 2011 053.CR2_thumb[1]

Jeremiah and Karissa helped set up the new fancy grill. We cooked hamburgers and pigged out. And we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Jeremiah had about 20 bites on his legs. I told him it was because he is so sweet.

Sept 2011 067.CR2_thumb[1]

Mason loves being outside and he enjoyed most of the time out at the 40. Just as the sun started to go down he had a complete melt-down and no one, not even me, could get him to stop crying.

We finally had to grab our dirty little boys and hit the road. Once we got back to the highway Mason calmed down and fell asleep. I think all the crying was caused by him being over stimulated, over tired, and in a new place. I was just relieved that he finally calmed down.

The next day we spent some time at the Udall house and picked green apples in the rain. I got to climb the apple tree in my parents yard, just like old times, only now I am so much bigger, and weaker, and chubbier. haha.

Jeremiah and I took advantage of our available babysitters and left Simon and Ryan with Grandma Udall and Uncle Jason while we went to TrailRiders and had the yummiest deep fried tacos ever! mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. Then we picked up the kiddos and headed back out to the 40 acres to take Jeremiah’s family some water. Jeremiah took the two older boys out to look for cool rocks and he took them for rides on the quads. Me and Mason stayed back at the cars and tried to stay out of the wind. Once again we had to cut our time short because Mason hated the wind and we had to stay inside our car instead of enjoying the lovely outdoors.

As always, the weekend away was much to short. I’m starting to understand a little bit why Jeremiah wants to move up there so badly. There is family, cool summers, a slower life, and you can see the stars at night.

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