Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Even though it is sweltering hot in Mesa, I still LOVE summer! My favorite day of the year just happens to be the 4th of July (Christmas is a very close second.)
There is something so magical and amazing about the way Springerville and Eagar come alive. The population triples as folks from all over come to enjoy the small town festivities.
We almost didn't make it up there this year. The starter went out in Jeremiah's car and I was having second thoughts about taking our 5 week old baby on his first road trip. Jeremiah made me a deal. He told me that if he could get his starter fixed before that Saturday we would go.
And he did.
So we went.

Our first stop on our journey home was at the little park in Globe with the big steam locomotive. Our little train lovers stared in awe at the massive train and let me snap some pictures. There was also a farmer's market at the park that morning where I picked us up some homemade cookies for a steal. mmm.

My little engineer. :) I don't think this kid will ever out grow his love of trains.

After a few more stops, including Ryan's first time to "water the bushes", we made it to RV.

High School Reunion:
This year just happened to be my 10 year high school reunion! Through the last 10 years I hadn't decided if I even wanted to go to my high school reunion. It may sound selfish but I didn't really care to see most of the people I went to school with. But there were a few amazing people that I was really excited to see. My best friends, and people I looked up to during those important, and often awkward years.
I almost didn't get the choice at all. Our reunion almost didn't get put together at all. Our class presidency didn't plan anything. And the one person who cared enough to plan a reunion ended up with almost no RSVPs. After all of that work only a few people signed up to attend so the whole thing was called off!! Can you believe it? No high school reunion?!

Lucky, a couple of guys from my class reserved the banquet room at the Trail Riders restaurant, just in case a few classmates wanted to get together for some chips and salsa.

I dragged a reluctant Jeremiah down there with me because I knew my old best friend from high school, Tyson, was going to be there with his wife and their new baby (who was born the day before Mason.)
We were expecting only a few couples to show up.

We ended up filling up the entire room! Classmates kept pouring through the doors. Everyone looked the same, just more like their parents, but there were a few that looked completely different. We sat next to Sterling Wiltbank and his adorable wife, Mike Wiltbank and his family, Tyson and Kim, and a bunch of other old friends.
Even Jeremiah had fun catching up with some of his old track buddies.
It ended up being the best, low-key, no commitment high school reunion! Perfect.

The big 4th of July event, the parade, was Monday morning. It was much shorter this year. I'm assuming that this is due to the Wallow Fire and evacuation that happened not long before.

My dad got to ride on the Western Drug float. He and his sharp shootin' cowboy team put on a great show. They stopped right in front of us and the bad guys held us up. My dad, the Marshall, took care of the pesky outlaws and shot them down. Boom!

 You won't get this kid of action here in Mesa.  No one would lay down on the sizzling hot road.

After Uncle Morgan shot a blank from about 10 feet away from where we were standing Ryan decided to cover his ears for the rest of the parade.

Nice shot Marshall!
Our boys sported their homemade shirts and shorts, and collected hand fulls of candy.  They loved the fire engines and horses but not the guns and fireworks.
Even Mason had on his matching plaid shorts. His shirt said "mommy's little firecracker."

 We are all so unspeakably grateful to the firefighters who saved our hometown.  So much of our majestic forests were burned in the Wallow Fire but every house in Round Valley was saved! Thank you so much to our fire departments! We love you!

How cute are these two? Heidi is about 8 months pregnant in this picture. Her little girl will be here soon  :) I can't wait!

After the parade I picked up Jeremiah and we stopped by the annual picnic at Uncle Jeff's. Mason got to spend some snuggle time with Uncle Ted.

My favorite picture of the entire trip. Cowboy Grandpa Udall.

The food was great and the company was even better. Grandma and Grandpa Udall, Jeff and Darla and all of their girls, and a bunch of missionaries where there.

 Mykelti, Morgan, and Brogan. Jessica was there too, she must have been hiding from the camera.
 And my other favorite picture. I was taking funny face pictures. (Sorry mom, I know you are going to hate me for posting this on my blog but I just have to! It has so much personality!)

So Happy Birthday America! We love our country. God has blessed us with a land of freedom. This is a country unlike any that have come before.
God Bless America!


mele and makani said...

What wonderful, fun pictures, Jeni! You have officially made me sad for missing the fourth in Eagar! Man I love that small town. The pic of Dad and Mason is priceless. You need to frame that and give him a copy. :)

Heidi said...

Hahaha I love that picture of Mom! I'm so glad you took pictures... I might have to steal a couple from you if that's okay :)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry