Friday, February 12, 2010


Who can resist a yummy cupcake?
I made these yummies yesterday for my mother-in-law's, and brother's birthdays.
I saw this recipe online somewhere, and now that I want to share it I can't find it anywhere!
So if you have seen these cupcakes online, let me know where they are so I can give credit to the genius behind these pretties.
To create this effect:
1.mix up a white cake mix as directed
2. put half the batter in a separate bowl and tint to your desired color (I used neon pink)
3. line your muffin pan with cupcake liners and fill half way with white cake mix
4. grab a gallon sized ziplock bag and fill it with the tinted batter
5. snip the corner of the bag and squeeze tinted batter in the middle of the white cake batter in the cups
6. if desired you can add a 3rd color in the middle of the tinted batter
7. bake as directed
8. decorate!

These are great for any occasion. You can even experiment with different cake mixes and colors! Maybe next time I'll make red velvet cake with chocolate or white cake in the middle. mmmm.
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Amy said...

They really do look exquisite! I'd definitely eat one and I'm not even a cupcake fan.

mele and makani said...

What is it with you tempting me with all these scrumptious sweets lately? ha ha They look so yummy!

Si and Ry

Si and Ry