Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas part 3

The final chapter of Christmas 2010.

After missing last year's Udall Family Christmas Eve Party, I was so happy to spend this Christmas Eve with the fam. I just happen to have the cutest family in the world (I'm a bit biased).
We had the most scrumtious Mexican food, Aunt Darla told us stories, including some old letters from Great Grandma and Grandpa Burk, and we had a very interesting white elephant gift exchange featuring the dancing chicken from last years exchange. Guess who got to take home the chicken. ME! 

I got some funky stuff called "flarp". It's just slimy goop that you squish into it's container and it makes "flarp" noises.   Simon played with for the rest of the night. He's such a boy.

I have to mention our pre-Christmas gingerbread house making party that resulted in these beauties. I would tell you whose they are but I'm sure you can find Simon's and I might get credit for the lovely houses created by Karissa, Cabrena and Jeremiah. (My poor sorry house was never finished because I was making yummy Cinnabon cinnamon rolls! Ok, you probably can narrow down which one is mine.)

Christmas morning was SO FUN! Here's Santa Simon with sleepy eyes. This year he finally understood who Santa is.
We had to hold him back from unwrapping everyone's presents. But we did let him help mom and dad open presents.

At the Udall's house he got the coolest remote control train from santa. The kind you put around your Christmas tree. He had been asking for one for months and it was the only real toy on his Christmas list. The rest of his list was PJ's and socks (huh?).    I'm so mad at myself for leaving my camera behind.  His face was PRICELESS!

Here's Simon and his best buddies/cousins Everett and Keaton.

While we were enjoying our White Christmas in the mountains we took the kiddos out sledding!
We bundled Ryan up till he couldn't move anymore, put him in our little sled and pulled him up and down the hills. It was a great workout and Ryan loved it (till his little hands got cold). Then he spent the rest of the trip in the car with Grandma Sue.

Where was Simon when all this action was going on?

I tried and tried to wake him up. He was SO excited to go sledding, but he was comatose.

We took his sledding at the Primary school once we got back into town and his eyes were open.

Bad parenting moment: Just because it looks "safe enough" doesn't mean it's ok to send your 3 year old zooming down a steep hill toward a retaining wall with only a mom to catch him.
Mom's not always fast enough.

Don't worry, he's ok.

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mele and makani said...

Comatose! ha ha that's great. Looks like great times :) Love you guys!
p.s. How did you make it snow on your blog?

Si and Ry

Si and Ry