Monday, August 17, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde

Whelp, it's finally happened, I (Jeremiah) am doing an update on our (Jeni's) blog. I wanted to get you updated before the fish die...

Jeni got this great idea of getting Simon a gold fish. I don't know why other than, just because. When we were getting them, I told her to go ahead and get two, that gives us double the chance of keeping at least one alive (worked with our cats, we still have one somewhere).

We decided to give the fish "original" names since our last fish was named "Ketchup." At first, we couldn't agree on any names, we had anything from Tom and Jerry to Bonnie and Clyde. Finally, we ended up with Laman and Lemuel, because those are names he knows.

Simon was so excited that he began to talk to the fish. He would turn to us and say, "Dad, they say they are hungry..." or when Jeni told him that they didn't have eyelids to close their eyes, he ran and asked them "Do you have eye lids?" and then came running back saying, "Yes, they said they have lids, they are growing eye lids!"
Simon also keeps trying to put anything and everything in the fish bowl. He asked his mommy if he could wash his hands in their bowl or if they would like to play with his lego car. It is so much fun to see his enthusiasm, or at least until his mommy told him that they are just to look at and not play with. :-)

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mele and makani said...

I love it! Simon is such a smart liile guy :)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry