Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catching the Craft Bug. Ouch! it bit me!

So, Jeremiah thinks I'm crazy. Really crazy!

I honestly have a hundred different hobbies. Depending on the day I will be doing anything from Polymer Clay, making cloth diapers, knitting, home decorating, solar cooking, canning, and bleach stencilling. And this is only a handfull of the things I've attempted to learn in the past few years. Right now I am getting into photography and food storage. I wonder where these will take me. . .

Anyways, Jeremiah thinks I'm crazy because I can never just choose one thing to practice and get really good at it. But, as long as it is crafty I will try it at least once, or until I get bored with it.

So. . . with that said this post won't seem quite so random, I hope.

First, I finally leared how to put on snaps. Not that it's hard, I've just always been intimidated.

So I took my new found talent of pounding with a hammer and improved my cloth diaper making skills. Woo Hoo!

(weird, my picture turned sideways. You will just have to tilt your head. Don't worry, no one is watching.)

Now they are one-size-fits-all! That means I don't have to keep making more as Ryan grows. Thank heavens for snaps!

Second, I am working on a skirt for me. I found some funky black and white prints that seemed to work. I have an obsession with Black-and-White prints. I think I would have black and white curtains and comforters and sofa covers. . . if I only had that kind of $.
This is a work in progress. I still have to add a yoke waist band and a zipper. I just wanted to show off the cool fabric.

Third, more bleach stencil shirts! The best part. . . I finally made some for me! Yay! I am sooo in love with my new shirts. I love them so much I am going to start making and selling them on Etsy.
(disclaimer: please ignore the after-baby belly that is soon to be history)

The Chandelier.

Damask on brown

My Favorite one! Swirlies!
This one I finished a while back but never posted.
It's a push car!

I need your opinions on which ones you like. We'll call it "Marketing Research". I'll have many more to come. I am always open to new ideas too!

The craft bug bites every few months and when it does there is no stopping me! ha ha! I have about a zillion projects I'm working on so I'll keep posting as I go.


Erica said...

My favorite is definitely the red one that you wore to the park on Wednesday. I'm working on my first shirts, and am wondering if bleach goes bad?! I bought a new bottle, and it seems to be working much better. When it splattered on the black shirt I was wearing, it bleached instantaneously! :-( I'll send you pics soon! Thanks for the fun ideas!

Enjoy the Journey said...

Super cute idea's! I have never seen the bleaching thing. Maybe you will have to teach me =) Oh and you DO NOT have a baby belly!!! There is a reason I don't go out in public very often... my baby isn't even really a baby anymore and I am still trying to get rid of the dang thing!

J and B said...

I love the push cart!- so cute, and the swirlies are really fun. As for the after baby belly, I couldn't even see it when you pointed it out! :) That is super fun fabric for a skirt, good eye. I know what you mean about the craft bug, I love to try all different crafts too. I've been wanting to make marmelaide lately. Do you still live in Mesa?

meleandmakani said...

You have been busy! I think they are all beautiful but I'm really drawn to the swirly shirt. You have a good eye...for things I like at least :)

becki said...

Do you sell these? If you think you might be interested in making me a few let me know! Thanks :)

Si and Ry

Si and Ry