Monday, September 15, 2008

Just for fun!

Since Ryan came into our lives about 2 weeks ago, Simon and I have been spending some quality time together too. Here are some pics from the last 2 weeks.
Here we are making yummy peanut butter cookies for dad. We got a new set of about 30 animal shaped cookie cutters. Simon got to cut them out and I put them on the pan to cook. Needless to say, we both ended up covered in flour!

This is Simon's first fruit loop necklace! (well, this one wasn't exactly made by Simon.) Simon got really good at stringing the fruit loops onto the yarn but once they made it on they got eaten right away. Mom had to make a second necklace for him to wear. ;o)

I am such a proud mommy! Little Simon put this puzzle together with only a little help from me. I would tell him where the peices went and he put them together! After we were done we played a game that came with the puzzle. I would hand him a letter and he would have to find it on the puzzle. He had so much fun.

Our newest adventure has been "The Letter of the Day". We just started this on Friday. Our first letter was "A". Here is Simon playing with an Ant with an Apple.

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Si and Ry

Si and Ry